350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 6)

350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three statements about NetFlow are true? (Choose three)

  • How many messages does Internet Key Exchange use to negotiate SA characteristics w...

  • (Topic 1)Guaranteed success with guides 197 Cisco 350-029 : Practice TestWhich th...

  • What does RPL stand for?

  • What three major tasks are performed by a Designated Intermediate System in an ISI...

  • What is the data encapsulation method for the VPLS virtual circuit (VC)?

  • What is the Cisco IOS default behavior for switching from the shared tree to the s...

  • (Topic 4)Which four statements about the Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) feature ...

  • Which of these is not a component of MPLS traffic engineering?

  • Which are three advantages of PPPoA implementation? (Choose three)

  • Which statement about VPNv6 addresses is true?

  • Which two statements about RPF checks in Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP...

  • When will the primary processor core dump run in case of a switchover?

  • What is the label for MPLS over ATM?

  • Which statement about MPLS traffic engineering policy-based tunnel selection (PBTS...

  • What is one of the primary overhead fields associated with the Optical Payload Uni...

  • Which statement about Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) is true?

  • In the IS-IS Designated Intermediate System (DIS) election process, which criteria...

  • Which two implementations are standard Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) implemen...

  • Which two statements about EIGRP are true? (Choose two)

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