350-030 CCIE Voice Written Exam (Exam 26)

350-030 CCIE Voice Written Exam (Exam 26)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How many bytes are saved per VoIP packet by enabling cRTP on a standard

  • When using the Low Latency Queuing feature of Cisco IOS:

  • In a 128 kbs videoconference call, what combination will give you the best video q...

  • Click the Exhibit button.The user at phone A dials 5551212555. What Digit string i...

  • An AS5300 is configured to authenticate a user for Authentication, Authorization, ...

  • What type of signaling can provide Automatic Number Identification (ANI) on a T1/E1?

  • Click the Exhibit button.Consider the QoS configuration in the picture shown for a...

  • An H.323 proxy Gatekeeper Request (GRQ) Registration, Admission, and Status (RAS) ...

  • Which statements are true about Analog DID connections to the PSTN?

  • What is the best configuration for provisioning for VoIP at the WAN Edge?

  • In a Cisco IPCC deployment, the CallManager communicates route requests to the ICM...

  • What is the ITU G.114 specification for one-way delay for Voice?

  • When PQ-WFQ is configured on an interface, the packets destined for the PQ are giv...

  • A gatekeeper is: (multiple answer)

  • What does this SMDI packet represent?MD0010013D 0002914

  • In order to pass hook-flash on h.323 from FXS to FXO:

  • Which standards are related to echo in a network.

  • What command will guarantee a maximum serialization delay of 10 ms on a converged ...

  • Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) provides:(multiple answer)

  • Which are possible reasons when a user hears echoes of her own voice? (multiple an...

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