350-030 CCIE Voice Written Exam (Exam 27)

350-030 CCIE Voice Written Exam (Exam 27)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • In an IP Contact Center deployment, the Erlang-C Traffic Model is used to provision:

  • With Unity 3.0/ and Exchange 2000, which attributes are stored in Active Directory?

  • Which are the three elements to MQC?

  • The default fax relay connection rate is:

  • What is NOT a primary cause of echo in a voice network?

  • What percentage of a standard G.711 packet is taken by IP, UDP and RTP headers? (N...

  • What standard defines the supplementary service for ISDN?

  • The difference between Type of Service (ToS) and Class of Service (CoS) is:

  • In a Cisco IPCC deployment, an ICM routing client is anything that can generate a ...

  • What protocol does an IP Phone use to learn the Voice VLAN ID it should use for Vo...

  • What statement is correct regarding the "Fax Relay?"

  • From the perspective of the CallManager, the Unity TSP looks and behaves most like a:

  • What type of signaling provides Dialed Number Information Service (DNIS) on a T1/E1?

  • What ITU-T logarithmic pulse code modulation (PCM) standard (G.711) used in the co...

  • In VoIP, once TCP receives a request for opening a voice channel on port 1720, a n...

  • When deploying multiple Unity-Bridge's what is true?

  • Click the Exhibit button.The low-speed ATM PVC shown carries both voice and data t...

  • In AVVID architecture, what happens if the TFTP server goes down? (multiple answer)

  • Which queueing algorithms are recommended for Voice, Call Control and generic data...

  • Click the Exhibit Button.In the figure shown, the customer requires that Caller ID...

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