350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 15)

350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 15)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • From the configuration below, what VSAN(s) would iSCSI host appear?iscsi ...

  • The running configuration can be copied to any filename, without specifying the de...

  • Assume you have a class 3 connection. A switch port interface has 12 buffer credit...

  • What is the User-specified VSAN IDs range?

  • You are connecting 2 existing Fabrics. Fabric 1 has Domains 97,100. Fabric 2 has D...

  • In iSCSI proxy mode, host iSCSI initiators can be differentiated by:

  • By configuring Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which tasks are a MDS network-adm...

  • You have a legacy JBOD that uses copper DB-9 connecters. You want to connect your ...

  • What zoning option is valid in interop mode 2 and 3 with a mixed vendor fabric?

  • A vty terminal type can be changed to vt100 by what method or command?

  • Which of these TCP ports does iSNS use?

  • Is the iSNS client supported on VRRP interfaces?

  • Can Cisco Fabric Services be used to distribute iSCSI initiator configurations?

  • Which three of these Fibre Channel words are known as primitive signals? (Choose t...

  • What set of primitive signals is valid for arbitrated loop?

  • If a Fibre Channel interface is receiving an NOS pattern on its interface, what pa...

  • Refer to the exhibit. The fabric containing Switch A is merging with the fabric co...

  • The Class 2 class of service always uses end-to-end acknowledgments (ACK, BSY or R...

  • What makes the R_CTL field valuable to Extended Link Services?

  • Which two of these are effects of a BF SW_ILS? (Choose two.)

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