350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 23)

350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 23)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • At which three levels will storage virtualization occur? (Choose three.)

  • Which benefits are of enabling persistent binding on an HBA?

  • Which steps are correct for enabling a Cisco MDS switch to interoperate with a McD...

  • The Cisco MDS switch has a set of advanced traffic engineering and advanced securi...

  • One of your customers distributes device aliases throughout a fabric by use of Cis...

  • Which two setups are correct for capturing a PLOGI and a PLOGI Accept from a Fibre...

  • Which three types of backend databases will Cisco FMS support? (Choose three.)

  • What is the SCSI Read Capacity command used for?

  • A Cisco MDS 9134 switch has which default FICON port allocation schemes?

  • Which of these can perform flow control for an FCIP Tape Acceleration read operati...

  • Add a 24-port blade to an existing Generation 1 Cisco MDS 9509 switch with Generat...

  • Which description is correct concerning iSCSI?

  • Which two characteristics are contained in a FCIP PortChannel-based load-balancing...

  • Which method is best for creating a highly available iSCSI infrastructure?

  • You work as a network engineer for your company. A Brocade 12000 in its native cor...

  • FICON (for Fiber Connectivity) is a high-speed input/output (I/O) interface for ma...

  • Which objective can the FICON CUP achieve?

  • The following command has been performed on a 48-port line card:switch(config)# no...

  • How to configure the events within an RMON group by use of either Cisco Fabric Man...

  • Which three statements best describe IVR service groups? (Choose three.)

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