350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 25)

350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 25)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Set all ports in a 48-port line card to 1 GB dedicated, with all remaining options...

  • MDS3 _ 9509# install all system bootflash:m9500-sf1 ek9-mz.1.3.4.bin kickstart boo...

  • In a scenario with three lSLs between two switches, a single host in VSAN 5 on swi...

  • Which organization produce standards related to SCSI, Fiber Channel or Fiber Chann...

  • What is the User-specified VSAN Ids range?

  • What can be configured on a FCIP Profile?

  • A Brocade 12000 in its native corePID mode (1) is connected to VSAN 1009 on anMDS....

  • In Raid 0+1 the loss of a single drive:

  • Which are functions of the Domain identifier Assigned (DIA) ILS? Select two

  • What zoning option can be used in interop mode 2 and 3?

  • You have a legacy JBOD that uses copper DB-9 connecters. You want to connect your ...

  • FCIP Write Acceleration most effectively addresses which disaster recovery challenge?

  • What port type can be used on a Fiber Channel switch when connecting a Fiber chann...

  • What are the 3 types of Ordered Sets defined in Fiber Channel?

  • Hosts and storage are connected to 2 MDS units interconnected by lSLs in the follo...

  • What standard association is working in the definition of the Iscsi and Fiber Chan...

  • There are two 2 Gbps FC links, 2Gbps ISLs port formed into a single port channel c...

  • What statement is true?

  • To ensure FCID persistencyais persistent, what needs to be configured?

  • What parameter does not need to be compatible for a port-channel to come up betwee...

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