350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 26)

350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 26)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A fabric Zone Merge Failure between fabric A and fabric B will result if:

  • While in configuration mode, what command will allow a user to view interface 4 on...

  • ExhibitAssume that all the Cat6Ks in the exhibit above are connected to the MDS 90...

  • Exhibit button:The configured domain ID for VSAN 8 was changed from 0x30 to 0x97 a...

  • What is true about MDS FCIP Profiles?

  • What statement is true?

  • What statement is true with regards to VSANs and zones?

  • The function of "Boot Loader" during system startup is to?

  • Select the TRUE statement regarding FCIP compression:

  • What statement is not correct for inter vsan routing?

  • What is TCP fast recovery?

  • Which prerequisites must be configured before enabling FICON?

  • Given: Host-----------MDS SwitchA----------MDS switchB---------Storage array with ...

  • You connect 2 switches together with an ISL. Which frames would be used for negoti...

  • What is the general timer for missing events within a sequence?

  • What is the purpose of the open fiber control system?

  • What LUN is used when a host issues a SCSI CDB Report LUNs query to a target?

  • What switch Fabric internal Link services (SW_ILS) command indicates if the FCIP c...

  • What set of Primitive signals are valid for a arbitrated loop?

  • Read only zones on MDS switches are implemented using:

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