350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 33)

350-040 CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam (Exam 33)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The purpose of the IBM Control Unit Port (CUP) protocol is to:

  • What configuration command enables all discovered storage to be available for iSCSI?

  • Using Device Manager, how can zoning be enabled between Fibre Channel members in t...

  • What is the main purpose for Loop Initialization Protocol?

  • What is the correct order (from lowest to highest) of the layers of the Fibre Chan...

  • FCID 0x600000 is not a valid FCID in what interop mode?

  • Select the true statements concerning the IP address subnetting requirements of gi...

  • Exhibit:one interface is in a degraded state because the trunk is not fully active...

  • Which are characteristics of a Fibre Channel Class 2 connection?

  • Which are required to be unique on a given MDS switch across multiple VSANs?

  • You currently have 1 host and 2 target devices grouped into the same zone. The zon...

  • Exhibit:Switch A is fabric merging with switch B. Identify what switch will become...

  • A "system initialization" is used to perform what function on the MDS switch?

  • You are connecting a new switch to an existing two switch Fabric with domain IDs o...

  • Exhibit:What module combination per site will fulfill the requirements for this so...

  • FICON-enabled nodes send a Fabric Login (FLOGI) extended link service command to t...

  • What is FALSE about traffic shaping implemented by the MDS 9000 FCIP TCP stack?

  • Before you can successfully enable the Call Home feature, which of the following m...

  • What method of load balancing is flow based?

  • From the configuration below, whatVSAN(s) would iSCSI host appear? iscsi ...

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