3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 16)

3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 16)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A collateral pool can be defined as:

  • When should discrepancies between front-office and back-office systems be resolved?

  • You have two nostro accounts in USD, one account is long USD 5 million and the oth...

  • Which of the following is the main objective of position-keeping?

  • What type of documentation is recommended for repos in the international markets?

  • In FX swaps, the rate of the spot leg

  • Today is the fixing date for 6x9 FRA that you sold at 5.50% and for which the FRAB...

  • What is volatility?

  • What is a "tick" in the futures markets?

  • You take a EUR deposit on Monday, 13 February. Assuming there is no intervening ba...

  • If today is Wednesday, what are the value days of a spot next money market deal as...

  • According to ISDA definitions, if an USD IRS payment is due value Saturday, 31 May...

  • A "basis point", expressed as a percentage, is:

  • Which of the following factors must be considered when making interbank EUR paymen...

  • The abbreviation "FRN" stands for:

  • A callable bond attributes a right to:

  • A redemption premium for a bond is

  • Which of the following is characteristically of a CD?

  • A UK Treasury Bill has 91 days to maturity. Its redemption value is GBP 10,000.00....

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