3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 3)

3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The tenor of a bill of exchange describes:

  • The purchase price of a coupon bond

  • The coupon of this type of bond can be based on a country`s CPI (Consumer Price In...

  • The "centralized collateral management service" offers which of the following serv...

  • A Luxembourg based bank, which regularly buys American securities for its customer...

  • The depositary of your securities:

  • On 15 April 2010 you buy a bond whose coupon falls on 15 January 2010. The interes...

  • The function of a prospectus can best be described as:

  • A 7% bond, maturing in 10 years, is selling at 92.00. What is its current yield?

  • The interest rate below which the coupon for a FRN may not be fixed is called the:

  • A bank responsible for making due payments of principal and interest on a bond is ...

  • What is a SWIFT message type 210?

  • If a GBP/CHF trade is made on the spot foreign exchange market on Tuesday, when wi...

  • What guidelines does the Model Code provide concerning the practice of only one pa...

  • A corporate client instructs you to make a USD payment to his account in London. W...

  • In the unexpected event that a public holiday is declared on the date a particular...

  • Which department is responsible for originating deals?

  • Which ONE of the following excerpts completes this statement of a best market prac...

  • What is the advantage of instantaneous matching?

  • Which SWIFT message type family is used for securities transactions?

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