3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 9)

3I0-010 ACI Operations Certificate (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A EUR based bank has a USD-convertible bond. What market risks are present?

  • What is the replacement risk of an OTC derivative trade?

  • Bank A has a large number of forward OTC trades with Bank B. What risks will be re...

  • As far as interest rate swaps are concerned, which risk is reduced or eliminated w...

  • What are the consequences for credit risk when a collateral agreement is added to ...

  • Your forward CHF dealer asks you, the junior settlements clerk, to amend revaluati...

  • Which of the following trades involves replacement risk?

  • Which risk factors fall under counterparty risk?

  • Which of the following is an example of market risk?

  • Which combination of risks: market risk, settlement risk, basis risk, counterparty...

  • Experience has shown that recourse to taped telephone conversations proves invalua...

  • What are the major objectives of the Model Code?

  • What does FSA stand for?

  • Who produces the London Code of Conduct?

  • Herstatt Risk is also known as:

  • In the absence of his normal dealer contact, a counterparty calls the back office ...

  • You are in the pub with a friend who works for another financial institution. The ...

  • A large corporate client sends you a case of expensive wine as a reward for settli...

  • You suspect that a colleague is guilty of embezzlement. What should you do?

  • You spot a rate discrepancy between you and your counterparty on a AUD/USD deal. T...

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