3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 21)

3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 21)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • As to general risk management principles, the Model Code mentions that the organiz...

  • What is the documentation in which the parties agree to the terms that will govern...

  • What are de minimis claims?

  • What is the name of a swap in which the counterparties sell currencies to each oth...

  • Under what circumstances are banks allowed to "park" deals or positions with a cou...

  • Any breaches in confidentiality should be:

  • An FX forward outright has been dealt for a value date which is subsequently decla...

  • Under what conditions can an FX broker act as a position taker?

  • A prime broker may not reject a trade given up if:

  • Is gambling or betting between market participants allowed?

  • What is a "normal" shaped curve?

  • If you take an 18-month USD deposit, when is interest payable?

  • Which of the following will tend to have the higher yield?

  • Mark-to-market' in a repo means:

  • How can material divergences between the value of cash and collateral be managed i...

  • The one-month (31-day) GC repo rate for French government bonds is quoted to you a...

  • Four banks provide you with quotes in CHF/SEK. Which is the best price for you to ...

  • After having quoted a rate of 1.5005-10, the quoting bank says, "Your risk". This ...

  • What is the London Gold Price Fix (London Gold Fixing)?

  • The outright forward FX rate is not a function of which of the following?

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