3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 25)

3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 25)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You are quoted the following market rates:Spot EUR/USD 1.30106M (181-day) EUR 0.30...

  • You quote your customer EUR/USD 1.3070-73, However they need the rate quoted in EU...

  • A customer sells a 3-month Euro Swiss Franc (EUROSWISS) futures contract. Which of...

  • A bank wants to use STIR futures for establishing a macro hedge for the asset port...

  • Which of the following statements about hedge accounting is not correct?

  • Which of the following statements does not explain why banks accept some amount of...

  • A customer based in the UK exports automotive parts to the US. His main competitor...

  • If you took a short position in USD/JPY, how could the Fed "squeeze" you?

  • Under Basel III the Credit Value Adjustment will apply to:

  • With regard to operational risk awareness, which of the following best practices i...

  • In the deposit broker market, which one of the following is not a valid reason for...

  • ACI's Committee for Professionalism will offer expert opinion in disputes between ...

  • The term "under reference" refers to:

  • When a stop-loss/profit order is taken, the rate specified in the order:

  • What is one of the responsibilities of the Middle Office according to the Model Code?

  • Name switching is:

  • Deals transacted directly or via a broker prior to 5:00 am Sydney time on Monday m...

  • Which of the following cannot produce a capital gain?

  • What is the primary function of GC repo, particularly very short -term transactions?

  • Voice-brokers in spot FX are remunerated with:

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