3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 36)

3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 36)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The use of off-market rates is discouraged and should be permitted only:

  • Dealers are allowed to trade for their own account if:

  • When a stop-loss/profit order is taken, the rate specified in the order:

  • The use of mobile phones from within the dealing room for transacting business:

  • When a broker makes an error on payment instructions The Model Code recommends that

  • Under the Model Code, it a broker shouts "done" or "mine" at the very moment a dea...

  • Market participants should, where activity justifies it, aim to reduce settlement ...

  • What does the Model Code say about the responsibility of a broker in handling susp...

  • A person who appears to be a technician asks for your help in accessing treasury s...

  • One or your brokers asks you to buy and sell EUP/USD at the same price net of brok...

  • It is up to the vendors of electronic dealing platforms to ensure that dealers are...

  • When using legal documentation proposed modifications:

  • What are IMM dates?

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