3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 8)

3I0-012 ACI Dealing Certificate (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is meant by "turn of the month"?

  • In order to give a price in EUR/USD, the broker must:

  • In interbank trading, if a dealer is calling "off" at the same time as the broker ...

  • A dealer has been invited by a broker to go to an exclusive club for the third tim...

  • What does the Model Code recommend regarding "entertainment and gifts"?

  • Which one of the following is a major objective of ACI-The Financial Markets Assoc...

  • Which of the following is required for institutions acting as prime brokers?

  • When a deal is done via a broker:

  • Bank XYZ calls you for a quote in EUR/USD for EUR 50,000,000.00. If you decide to ...

  • What happens if an instruction remains unmatched and/or unsettled through CLS Bank?

  • What recommendation does the Model Code make to banks accepting a stop-loss order?

  • Where sale and repurchase agreements or stock borrowing or lending transactions ar...

  • Whose compliance rules, regulations and best practices should be followed in FX el...

  • You quote a price to a broker. It is hit by another bank, but you are not informed...

  • For which of the following might an MT370 be used?

  • What steps will the CFP of the ACI probably not undertake after having been formal...

  • Experience has shown that recourse to taped telephone conversations proves invalua...

  • Which of the following correctly states the Model Code's recommendations regarding...

  • A US security yields 7% on an annually-compounded bond basis. What is the equivale...

  • Today's spot value date is the 29th of February. What is the maturity date of a 4-...

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