4A0-100 Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks (Exam 8)

4A0-100 Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following is NOT a field in a TCP header?

  • Which of the following fields is not a field in the TCP header used for the establ...

  • The sequence numbers are used by TCP to ensure that the data receive is provided t...

  • What happens in a TCP session if a segment is not acknowledged within a certain ti...

  • What is the purpose of TCP flow control?

  • Which field in the TCP header is used by the receiver to indicate how many segment...

  • What must the sender do when it receives a window size of 0 from the receiver?

  • Which of the following statements BEST describes the purpose of UDP (Select two)?

  • Why does UDP have less overhead then TCP?

  • Which application below would be likely to use UDP ?

  • How does the Transport Layer identify which application is to receive the data?

  • What capability of TCP/IP allows two hosts to have multiple TCP sessions to each o...

  • What operation is performed by an LSR when it receives an MPLS labeled packet?

  • What is the function of an LSR?

  • In an MPLS network, which device is responsible for taking an unlabeled packet and...

  • Which of the following are correct statements about MPLS labels (Choose three)?

  • Which device is responsible for removing the MPLS label before the packet reaches ...

  • Which two protocols are used for the dynamic signaling of MPLS labels (Choose two)?

  • How does LDP select the path used for an LSP?

  • A CE device has a physical connection to which device in the service providers MPL...

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