4A0-104 Services Architecture (Exam 6)

4A0-104 Services Architecture (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How many SAPs can be configured on a port configured with dot1q encapsulation?

  • Choose the following components that are necessary for the configuration of a mirr...

  • What command syntax would be used to create a new routed interface on an existing ...

  • Which of the following best describes an SDP?

  • Which of the following commands would be used to configure a new VPLS service that...

  • Which of the following MUST be identical for a service between two PEs?

  • Which of the following about transport tunnels used by services is FALSE?

  • Which of the following about SDPs is FALSE?

  • Which of the following about the components of a service on the Alcatel-Lucent 775...

  • Which of the following SAP encapsulations does NOT support multiple services on a ...

  • Click the exhibit.Based on the output shown, what is the value of the service's VC...

  • Which protocol is used to signal the service label for a Layer 3 VPRN service?

  • Which of the following commands is used to enable an E-pipe service?

  • Which of the following can be used to detect the smallest path MTU in an RSVP sign...

  • Consider an E-pipe service configured with SAP 1/1/1:5 and SAP 1/1/1:6. If the SAP...

  • The SAP 1/1/1:2.3 receives an untagged Ethernet frame. Which of the following is T...

  • A SAP configured in the form of 1/1/1:0/32 would be used for which type of VPWS?

  • A customer requests that their Layer 2 Ethernet service be configured to forward f...

  • Which service type is needed to bridge an ATM-attached user and an Ethernet-attach...

  • An E-pipe is configured with a service MTU of 5000. What value will be derived for...

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