4A0-105 Virtual Private LAN Services (Exam 6)

4A0-105 Virtual Private LAN Services (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • RSTP blocks a spoke-sdp using a management VPLS. Is traffic affected on an ES usin...

  • What is the default Spanning Tree protocol used in a VPLS on the Alcatel-Lucent 77...

  • Click on the exhibit below.Study the network diagram. Which of the following confi...

  • What must be enabled in order to prevent a loop within a LAG?

  • What of the following is a key benefit of Active/Standby pseudowires?

  • Click on the exhibit below.Assuming there is a full mesh of mesh-SDPs between the ...

  • H-VPLS solves the data-plane and control-plane problems with the exception of one ...

  • An l-VPLS is configured with a service id of 511. What will the value of the l-SID...

  • Which of the following are true when ports are configured with the IEEE 802.3ah Lo...

  • In IEEE 802.1ag, how are loops detected?

  • Which failure scenario is NOT supported by IEEE 802.lag?

  • What action will be taken when an Ethernet switch receives a frame with a known DA...

  • Click on the exhibit below.Assume PE-B expects avian tag as part of the RFC 4762 (...

  • The operation of a VPLS can be best described by which of the following statements?

  • Click on the exhibit below.CE-A is on VLAN 200 and CE-B is on VLAN 300. Which of t...

  • Which of the following are required for an operational mesh-sdp binding for bidire...

  • The service mtu of a VPLS is set to 9100. What is the recommended MTU value that c...

  • Which of the following statements about a management VPLS are true?

  • Which of the following must be true in order to add a port to a LAG?

  • A LAG is configured with LACP passive mode enabled. When will LACP packets be sent?

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