4A0-108 Multicast Protocols (Exam 1)

4A0-108 Multicast Protocols (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • An IGMP version 3 receiver signals EXCLUDE mode with an empty EXCLUDE list. What d...

  • Select the statements that relate to the Shared Path Tree. (Choose three)

  • Which of the following statements best describes the behavior seen in the network ...

  • When forwarding a multicast frame, the normal behavior for a LAN switch with IGMP ...

  • The first actions of a router after enabling PIM on the interfaces will be:

  • Refer to the following exhibit.PIM is using the unicast table for RPF-check and th...

  • What is the signaling protocol used by a multicast receiver?

  • Which one of the following services is provided by the use of PIM as a multicast r...

  • Which MAC address will the IPv4 multicast address be translated to?

  • Which of the following are NOT characteristics of the many to many model of multic...

  • Which of the following protocols are used for IPv6 multicast?

  • Which of the following statements regarding mCAC is false?

  • Does the interface whose address is used as BSR candidate require PIM enablement?

  • What are the benefits of anycast RP? (Choose three)

  • Why do RPs configured for anycast RP-set exchange Register messages?

  • Under what circumstances will the multicast data flow remain on the Shared Path Tr...

  • What is the reason why multicast MAC addresses do not provide a unique representat...

  • Which MAC address will the IPv4 multicast address be translated to?

  • Which of the following are characteristics of the one to many model of multicast d...

  • How many bits of the IP multicast address are copied directly to the multicast MAC...

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