4A0-108 Multicast Protocols (Exam 11)

4A0-108 Multicast Protocols (Exam 11)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the position of the router shown in the exhibit?

  • How many responses should be received if IGMP version 3 is in use and a router sen...

  • Which of the following commands will verify, either directly or indirectly, if PIM...

  • What multicast component has no function at all in a PIM SSM network?

  • Which MDT types are used in a Sparse Mode network? (Choose two)

  • How does the RP get the first multicast data packet from source?

  • Who periodically sends IGMP Host Membership Queries?

  • Refer to the following exhibit.Choose the best answer that describes the multicast...

  • An IGMP version 3 receiver signals INCLUDE mode with an empty INCLUDE list. What d...

  • What is the position of the router shown in the exhibit?

  • Refer to the following exhibit.Assume all links have an equal metric in the IGP. R...

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