4A0-109 Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services Exam (Exam 2)

4A0-109 Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the purpose of a capture SAP?

  • Which of the following is a limitation of Enhanced Subscriber Management?

  • In an M-SAP implementation, when a capture SAP sends an authentication request to ...

  • Which triggering packet is required to create a managed SAP?

  • An IP-VPN subscriber is successfully authenticated in a wholesale/retail architect...

  • In the wholesale/retail model, where is it beneficial to do authentication on the ...

  • What is the effect of enabling anti-spoofing on a SAP?

  • Which security feature can prevent an unauthorized device (e.g. RG» to access a Tr...

  • Click on the exhibit.Subscriber 1 issues an ARP request for Which inform...

  • What is the benefit of using ESM over MPLS?

  • When a subscriber-host sends IP traffic to the Internet, where is the first addres...

  • Which of the following can NOT be configured on an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR BNG?

  • Which of the following about the DHCP relay process is FALSE?

  • What access loop technology is used by the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU?

  • Which feature on the BSAN is used to reduce the number of IGMP control messages se...

  • A subscriber-host gets an IP address from the RG using SLAAC and all prefixes are ...

  • Which of the following describes the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 FTTU P-OLT?

  • What are the messages used by the Change of Authorization (CoA)?

  • Which of the following is NOT an Alcatel-lucent RADIUS vendor-specific attribute (...

  • What is an advantage of using Enhanced Subscriber Management?

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