4A0-109 Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services Exam (Exam 6)

4A0-109 Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services Exam (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the ultimate goal of Triple Play services?

  • Which of the following elements is part of the access network?

  • Which of the following is correct in a VLAN per all services for all subscribers?

  • For ESM over MPLS, which entity must be configured prior to being used as a SAP un...

  • In SLAAC, how is the host's IPv6 address configured?

  • Which entity is used to identify the access loop to the PPPoE server (BNG)?

  • What is the main limitation of the basic subscriber management?

  • What is an SLA profile policy in Enhanced Subscriber Management?

  • What do IPv6CP Req/Ack messages use to identify the peer?

  • What is the main difference between Enhanced Subscriber Management and Basic Subsc...

  • Upon successful authentication from the RADIUS server in a Bridged CO environment,...

  • Where the following command can be configured trigger-packet dhcp dhcp6 pppoe?

  • A capture SAP is configured in VPLS 1 on a dot1q port; one managed SAP (M-SAP) has...

  • Which of the following is a trigger to setup an L2TP Tunnel?

  • In the case of a wholesale/retail model with a subscriber session terminated at th...

  • In an L2TP wholesale/retail architecture, where is the ESM applied?

  • The wholesale service provider can retrieve the retail service VPRN ID for an inco...

  • In an IP-VPN wholesale/retail model, where is the ESM SLA profile applied?

  • What information is typically present in the option 82 attribute of the DHCP Disco...

  • Assume a subscriber only requested one multicast group. Which feature should be en...

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