500-006 Implementing Cisco TelePresence Video Solution, Part 2 (Exam 2)

500-006 Implementing Cisco TelePresence Video Solution, Part 2 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What software can you use to customize the banner on the Cisco TelePresence MCU?

  • A customer wants to allow users to create ad hoc conferences by dialing the Cisco ...

  • Why would an endpoint stop sending 720p in a call with a Cisco TelePresence MCU?

  • Which command is used to set the IP configuration for a Cisco TelePresence MCU?

  • How do you know that all blades on the Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 have booted cor...

  • A Cisco TelePresence MCU Auto Attendant does not allow users to set up ad hoc conf...

  • Which three methods can an engineer use to upgrade the software on the Cisco TeleP...

  • Which three protocols does Cisco TelePresence Server support? (Choose three.)

  • When the administrator enables remotely managed mode on the Cisco TelePresence Ser...

  • A Cisco 5310 MCU is being configured as an ad hoc conference bridge in Cisco Unifi...

  • What is required for Cisco TelePresence Server to communicate with Cisco WebEx, us...

  • What is the effect of registering the Cisco TCS with the Cisco VCS using H.323 gat...

  • Which of these constitutes a Cisco TCS recording alias?

  • Which two statements about Cisco TCS users are true? (Choose two.)

  • Which two pieces of troubleshooting information does the Cisco TCS provide? (Choos...

  • What occurs when a conference with eight sites is booked through Cisco TMS?

  • Which persistent setting other than system name, E.164 alias, and H.323 ID is conf...

  • What is the purpose of the ISDN and the IP zones in Cisco TMS?

  • All Cisco TMS users and administrators are members of which default group?

  • Which is the recommended method for backing up and restoring the SQL database?

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