500-210 SP Optical Technology Field Engineer Representative (Exam 2)

500-210 SP Optical Technology Field Engineer Representative (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • During Automatic Node Setup, if cards are not already installed, what will the set...

  • What does setup do with passive units?

  • Which combination and quantity of ports does the AnyRate Xponder card have?

  • How many 100G transponders are supported in the NCS 2006 chassis?

  • In which three modes can NCS 2000 100G line cards operate? (Choose three.)

  • Between which types of endpoint are optical channel network connections made?

  • Which two options are two modes of operation in the 2-port CFP line card? (Choose ...

  • Which two options are the two modes of operation for the 10 port SFP+ line card? (...

  • Which three types of performance monitoring data are available on transponders and...

  • The 10G Wire Speed Encryption line card encrypts the payload of which protocol?

  • In addition to encryption, which other operation does the 10G Wire Speed Encryptio...

  • In Cisco Transport Controller, which type of user can provision all settings on th...

  • Which three types of 100G client pluggable optics are supported on the NCS 2000? (...

  • In which three configurations can NCS 2000 100G line cards be used? (Choose three.)

  • Which type of fiber connector does CXP optics use?

  • In which type of configuration are the MD-48 add/drop modules unusable?

  • How many ports does the 16-WXC-FS have for add/drop and degree expansion?

  • Which action does the MF-4x4-COFS module perform on the signals entering its add/d...

  • Which option describes the purpose of the USB ports on the external connection uni...

  • For which three functions are passive module USB ports used? (Choose three.)

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