500-265 Advanced Security Architecture for System Engineers (Exam 1)

500-265 Advanced Security Architecture for System Engineers (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two business use trends have surfaced in the last five years and require non...

  • Which three options describe the main problems with traditional security solutions...

  • The current Cisco comprehensive framework solutions are divided into which three c...

  • In the Cisco future solutions architecture framework, the security solutions are d...

  • Which three values should you use to position Cisco security solutions? (Choose th...

  • Which Cisco security technology delivers the best real-time threat intelligence?

  • Which two solutions are main components of Cisco Content Security? (Choose two.)

  • Cisco Content Security integrates seamlessly with existing security and network in...

  • Which two features are components of the Cisco Web Security Appliance? (Choose two.)

  • Which four solutions are Cisco network security solutions? (Choose four.)

  • Which two features are part of site-to-site VPN? (Choose two.)

  • Which feature is a primary feature of Cisco AnyConnect?

  • Which three solutions are Cisco Secure Access solutions? (Choose three.)

  • On average, how many pieces of new malware are created every second?

  • Which component of Cisco network security is updated after an attack to help preve...

  • Which component of Cisco network security builds on basic firewall capabilities by...

  • Which VPN offering removes the need for point-to-point GRE tunnels?

  • Which two options are benefits of Cisco Application Visibility and Control for adm...

  • Which feature of the Cisco security appliance provides "who-what-where-when-how" i...

  • Which two features of AMP are available in Cisco AMP for Networks that are not ava...

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