500-290 IPS Express Security for Engineers (Exam 3)

500-290 IPS Express Security for Engineers (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which feature in the Cisco AMP solution provides the ability to track malware acti...

  • Which Cisco AMP deployment would you recommend for advanced customers that want co...

  • The gateway VPN feature supports which deployment types?

  • Which statement is true concerning static NAT?

  • Which Sourcefire feature allows you to send traffic directly through the device wi...

  • Stacking allows a primary device to utilize which resources of secondary devices?

  • Which interface type allows for bypass mode?

  • Which interface type allows for VLAN tagging?

  • Correlation policy rules allow you to construct criteria for alerting on very spec...

  • Which option is a valid whitelist evaluation value?

  • What does the whitelist attribute value "not evaluated" indicate?

  • Which statement is true when network traffic meets the criteria specified in a cor...

  • Which list identifies the possible types of alerts that the Sourcefire System can ...

  • Which option is a remediation module that comes with the Sourcefire System?

  • Which statement represents detection capabilities of the HTTP preprocessor?

  • Which feature of the preprocessor configuration pages lets you quickly jump to a l...

  • Suppose an administrator is configuring an IPS policy and attempts to enable intru...

  • Controlling simultaneous connections is a feature of which type of preprocessor?

  • A one-to-many type of scan, in which an attacker uses a single host to scan a sing...

  • What does packet latency thresholding measure?

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