500-451 Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials (Exam 2)

500-451 Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • In the Cisco Unified Wireless Network infrastructure, which combination of devices...

  • Which feature should you recommend if a customer has high-density wireless deploym...

  • Which set of Converged Access components is related to "physical" entities?

  • In the Converged Access solution, how does the controller display the access point...

  • When the Cisco Catalyst 3850 is configured as a wireless mobility agent, what must...

  • Which option is performed exclusively by the mobility agent?

  • Which statement about single SSID wireless BYOD is true?

  • When managing Security Group Access in Cisco ISE 1.2, what is the description of t...

  • Before you implement BYOD onboarding, which two client provisioning resources shou...

  • When a user gets redirected to the device registration portal, which important inf...

  • When building the Security Group Egress Policy Matrix, what is the default policy ...

  • A customer wants to dynamically monitor the status of a critical route. Which feat...

  • Which option is suited only for private IP network infrastructures?

  • Which option does FlexVPN leverage?

  • What is the logical encapsulation of an IP packet when attempting to hide its cont...

  • Which tunneling technology is used in the Cisco IWAN solution?

  • Which routing protocol is typically used to peer with an MPLS provider?

  • Cisco PfRv2 simplifies the approximate number of lines of configuration that are n...

  • What is the purpose of a Cisco PfRv3 smart probe?

  • Which cloud-based SAAS solution provides industry-leading security and control for...

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