500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 1)

500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which process sorts traffic and can expedite or drop traffic according to a define...

  • Which technology is used to separate internal routing and the external default rou...

  • What is the purpose of intelligent path control?

  • Which option can enhance traditional IP routing so that you can improve applicatio...

  • What is NBAR2, which is a component of Cisco AVC?

  • Why has visibility into network applications become a problem for IT?

  • Which product can be used with Cisco IWAN to provide advanced caching and content ...

  • Which two methods provide security with the Cisco IWAN solution? (Choose two.)

  • Which versatile, high-performance product provides up to three times better perfor...

  • Which management platform is the Cisco IWAN solution of choice for providing visua...

  • Which option is a primary management tool for Cisco IWAN?

  • Which type of Cisco Prime dashboard provides a broad overview of the health of the...

  • DMVPN spokes have which type of permanent tunnel to the hub?

  • What should you do to increase availability and provide a separate failure domain?

  • What does a spoke use to determine the address of a target spoke with which it wan...

  • To provide the best scalability for DMVPN, which two routing protocols should you ...

  • What can you use to create a dynamic spoke-to-spoke tunnel in Cisco IWAN?

  • Which WAN topology can support more than two endpoints?

  • Flexible NetFlow has the ability to view both key and nonkey fields. What is one e...

  • Which type of application recognition and performance monitoring does the AVC feat...

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