500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 3)

500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the Akamai technology solution?

  • What optimizes application traffic flow on the WAN side of the network?

  • How do Flexible NetFlow and unified monitoring differentiate between compressed an...

  • On what is the Cisco security approach based?

  • Along with IPsec, strict access lists, and CWS, what should you include when using...

  • Which cloud-based SAAS solution provides industry-leading security and control for...

  • What is one way to implement security consistently across hub-and-spoke routers?

  • What is integrated into Cisco ISR G2 router platforms?

  • Which URL is used to verify that Cisco CWS is working as configured?

  • What can be used to replace static ACLs on Internet-facing interfaces?

  • Which route is needed in the global table for internal users to access the Internet?

  • What are the two simplest methods to give guest users access to the Internet? (Cho...

  • Which unique feature of TrustSec is used for end-to-end security policy control?

  • How is a TrustSec tag used with a site-to-site VPN?

  • What alternative exists for propagating SGTs when network devices do not have hard...

  • Cisco Threat Defense is based on which product?

  • Which type of data and analyses does Cisco Threat Defense collect to establish beh...

  • What should you do to all three planes of the Cisco IOS router?

  • Which type of product is Cisco UCS E140S?

  • What is Cisco Cloud Connector?

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