500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 4)

500-452 Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is Cisco CWS?

  • Which separate service performs SBC for voice on Cisco ISR and ASR routers?

  • What can replace traditional fixed PSTN lines?

  • What are the four pillars of the Cisco IWAN solution? (Choose four.)

  • The primary customer value proposition for Cisco IWAN includes which five options?...

  • Which Cisco product must be purchased to use the Cisco IWAN solution?

  • What is one example of a typical enterprise WAN deployment model?

  • Which set of actions is an element of QoS?

  • Which two characteristics comprise a hybrid WAN design? (Choose two.)

  • Which tunneling technology is used in the Cisco IWAN solution?

  • Which routing protocol is typically used to peer with an MPLS provider?

  • What are the three architectural building blocks of the enterprise WAN? (Choose th...

  • DMVPN builds tunnels in which two ways? (Choose two.)

  • Cisco NCE is a component of Cisco ISR G2. Which other product is an example of an ...

  • The lean branch office relies on the WAN to provide a majority of its application ...

  • What is one example of a supported hypervisor on the network compute engine?

  • Which percentage of companies plan to migrate their WAN to the Internet?

  • Which component can a Cisco IWAN design include?

  • The use of which option is a major difference between DMVPN and Group Encrypted Tr...

  • Which option is suited only for private IP network infrastructures?

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