600-212 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE) (Exam 1)

600-212 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE) (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two Transport protocols can be used for the S6a interface? (Choose two.)

  • Which two statements apply during the attach procedure on an MME? (Choose two.)

  • Which statement describes what occurs during an inter-MME tracking area update pro...

  • Which two nodes exchange the create indirect data tunnel request during LTE to UMT...

  • Which two IEs are ignored by the LTE domain when the EPS QoS parameter is mapped t...

  • Which option describes the flow of the S6a configuration on the Cisco ASR 5000 sys...

  • Which service does the S11 interface configuration correspond to on the Cisco ASR ...

  • Which MME feature can be configured in the call control policy on the Cisco ASR 50...

  • Which function does the Cisco Serving Gateway perform in a basic EPC network?

  • Exhibit:Refer to the exhibit. Which interface is associated to reference point bet...

  • When a subscriber is connected over 3GPP access and is in a local breakout scenari...

  • Which three sub-AVPs must be sent within the AVP Charging-Rule-Install when instal...

  • Which option is the value of the AVP Auth-Application-ID for the Gy interface?

  • Exhibit:Refer to the exhibit. Which three Diameter AVPs are sent within the CCR-I ...

  • Which authentication protocol is used for the S6b interface?

  • Which two commands must be configured within the PGW-Service on the Cisco ASR 5000...

  • Which option is the minimum configurable length of the IPv6 prefix pool on the Cis...

  • Which two Diameter interfaces are used in Voice over LTE? (Choose two.)

  • Which two options are two functions of a proxy CSCF? (Choose two.)

  • Which option describes the function of ENUM in Voice over LTE?

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