640-553 IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (Exam 6)

640-553 IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • When configuring Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall, what are the three actions ...

  • Which three statements about applying access control lists to a Cisco router are t...

  • Which two functions are required for IPsec operation? (Choose two.)

  • What is the goal of an overall security challenge when planning a security strategy?

  • Which threat are the most serious?

  • Network security aims to provide which three key services? (choose three)

  • Which option is the term for a weakness in a system or its design that can be expl...

  • What is the first step you should take when considering securing your network?

  • Which option is a key principal of the Cisco Self-Defending Network strategy?

  • Which three option are areas of router security?

  • You have several operating groups in your enterprise that require different access...

  • Which of these is a GUI tool for performing security configuration on Cisco routers?

  • When implementing network security, what is an important configuration task that y...

  • Which of these options is a Cisco IOS feature that lets you more easily configure ...

  • Which three of these options are some of the best practices when you implement an ...

  • Which option correctly defines asymmetric encryption?

  • Which option is a desirable feature of using symmetric encryption algorithms?

  • Which option is true of using cryptographic hashes?

  • Which option is true of intrusion prevention systems?

  • Which statement is true when using zone-based firewalls on a Cisco router?

Dec. 12, 2016
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