640-554 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (Exam 6)

640-554 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which access list permits HTTP traffic sourced from host port 3030 de...

  • Which syslog level is associated with LOG_WARNING?

  • Which statement is true when you have generated RSA keys on your Cisco router to p...

  • What is the key difference between host-based and network-based intrusion prevention?

  • Refer to the exhibit.You are a network manager for your organization. You are look...

  • Refer to the exhibit.Which statement is correct based on the show login command ou...

  • Which four methods are used by hackers? (Choose four.)

  • Which statement about Cisco IOS IPS on Cisco IOS Release 12.4(11)T and later is true?

  • Which characteristic is the foundation of Cisco Self-Defending Network technology?

  • Which kind of table do most firewalls use today to keep track of the connections t...

  • Which Cisco IOS command is used to verify that either the Cisco IOS image, the con...

  • What does the secure boot-config global configuration accomplish?

  • Refer to the exhibit.Based on the show policy-map type inspect zone-pair session c...

  • When using a stateful firewall, which information is stored in the stateful sessio...

  • Which statement is true about configuring access control lists to control Telnet t...

  • When configuring role-based CLI on a Cisco router, which step is performed first?

  • Refer to the exhibit.Which statement about the aaa configurations is true?

  • Which characteristic is a potential security weakness of a traditional stateful fi...

  • Refer to the exhibit and partial configuration.Which statement is true?

  • What will be disabled as a result of the no service password-recovery command?

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