640-722 CCNA - Wireless Associate - IUWNE (Exam 9)

640-722 CCNA - Wireless Associate - IUWNE (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which change can correct inband access to the WLC?

  • When a client associates to ExamSSlD, which network address will be assigned?

  • The AP is unable to join the WLC. What switch configuration will correct this prob...

  • Which four levels of messages will be sent to the logging server? (Choose four.)

  • What APTx Power Level Assignment would be required to increase power by 3 dBm on 2...

  • Tablets and other wireless clients are unable to connect at any 802.11 n data rate...

  • Old 2.4-GHz wireless laptops are unable to connect. What is the most likely cause ...

  • Which statement describes spread spectrum technology in wireless communications?

  • Which type of basic radiation pattern does a Yagi antenna have?

  • Which wireless topology supports roaming?

  • You are configuring an IP address on an autonomous access point. Which interface d...

  • You run minimum PEAP-GTC authentication in your wireless environment. Which versio...

  • Which device divides a signal between two antennas?

  • What does RF determine?

  • Which module does the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client integrate into the A...

  • Access points must discover a wireless LAN controller before they can become an ac...

  • You are configuring SNMPv1/v2c on a WLC. What should you do for improved security?

  • Which spread spectrum technique uses 11-bit chips to transmit 1 bit of data over a...

  • The network administrator has used VLANs to separate VoIP frames from data frames ...

  • Refer to the exhibit.At which point in the network topology must the trunk be conf...

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