640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 1)

640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Examine the following configuration, you may have to scroll to view the complete c...

  • What types of messages are sent by candidate RPs to advertise their availability?

  • Which IOS command allows you to identify voice traffic by its UDP port numbers and...

  • When CBWFQ is used, the sum of the priority queue and CBWFQ queues is not allowed ...

  • Which of the following signifies that NBAR is being used to classify traffic?

  • What does RGMP base traffic constraint on?

  • What is the term for using TTL thresholds to prevent multicast traffic from being ...

  • When using PIM- DM, once a branch is pruned from the tree, how long must it wait b...

  • Which command is used on a Catalyst 5000 switch used to remove a specific multicas...

  • Which IP Precedence level does WRED assign to non- IP flows?

  • Which IP Precedence level do routing updates normally use?

  • When MDRR is used, what happens when a packet is larger than the quantum value of ...

  • When more than one router has a packet to forward to a common interface, what type...

  • Which of the following MAC addresses are present in the CAM table of a switch as a...

  • Which of the following provides the most scalable solution for inter- domain multi...

  • To which multicast address are PIMv1 Hello messages sent?

  • In which direction does traffic shaping operate?

  • Which of the following QoS mechanisms require CEF?

  • Which multicast address range is allocated for use on the Mbone?

  • Which of the following would be considered Differentiated Services or "soft QoS"

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