640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 8)

640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What types of queues does PQ utilize?

  • How is FIFO queuing enabled on a serial interface with a bandwidth of less than 2M...

  • Which of the following support RSVP- based admission control on IEEE 802. x- based...

  • What does WRED use to determine the drop probability of a packet?

  • Which command is used to enable per- VC CBWFQ on an ATM VC?

  • On which router platforms can "distributed" QoS functions be enabled?

  • Which of the following commands is used to view CAR statistics for an interface?

  • Which of the following commands is used to configure a static multicast route?

  • How many classes does CBWFQ support?

  • IP unicast routers make forwarding decisions based on the __ address, IP multicast...

  • On which router platform( s) is MDRR available?

  • To which multicast address are PIMv2 Hello messages sent?

  • Which multicast address range is comparable to RFC 1918 addresses?

  • Assume you are using the ip pim send- rp- announce command to configure groups for...

  • Which of the following describe features of PIM nbma- mode?

  • What is the function of the ip pim sparse- dense- mode command?

  • How many classifications can a policy map contain?

  • What type of message is used by PIM- DM when a new receiver joins a group on a pre...

  • Which of the following QoS functions operate on outbound traffic only?

  • Which of the following commands is used in interface configuration mode to enable ...

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