640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 9)

640-905 MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following commands enables a router to dynamically learn QoS informat...

  • How often does a multicast router perform RPF checks?

  • When PQ is used, in which queue is unassigned traffic placed?

  • Which of the following would be considered integrated services or "hard QoS"

  • Which of the following is not a valid policing action?

  • Which of the following commands configures CAR on an interface?

  • What will be the outcome of the following interface configuration command?rate- li...

  • Setting attributes of a packet based on their traffic class is also known as:

  • Which of the following queuing mechanisms services queues in a round robin fashion...

  • Which of the following describe flow- based WRED?

  • Which command can be used on a switch to display the MAC addresses of the multicas...

  • Which of the following describes the use of "implicit bumping" using VC bundles?

  • Assuming multicast routing has already been enabled, which of the following comman...

  • Which of the following commands is used to enable Cisco proprietary fragmentation ...

  • Which of the following are characteristics of PIM- SM?

  • Which of the following could be considered the ATM equivalent of the Frame Relay D...

  • Multicast routing protocols build which of the following?

  • According to G. 114 specifications, what is the maximum end- to- end delay that a ...

  • Which of the following is true of WFQ?

  • Which command allows you to verify the elected PIM DRs?

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