642-373 Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (Exam 1)

642-373 Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A potential client wants inexpensive remote access and fast deployment of new site...

  • When should you run multiple protocols?

  • Which statement concerning the Active/Active failover feature is correct?

  • Cisco ISR Routers offer which three of these security benefits?(Choose three)

  • A customer is considering purchasing either a Cisco Catalyst 2960 or Cisco Catalys...

  • How does the Cisco Small Business Pro Service differ from the Cisco Small Business...

  • Which combination of port is available on the Cisco SPA 8800 voice gateway?

  • What are two features of Cisco Configuration Professional? (Choose two)

  • Which statement best describes clustering in a small-business wireless network?

  • Which two of these statements best describe fast secure roaming for the wireless c...

  • Using SMART Designs increases the typical deal size by how much?

  • Which of these best describe the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach?

  • What should you keep in mind when using a firewall to secure traffic?

  • Which network management solution performs configuration, monitoring, and manageme...

  • At which stage of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach would you test for system ...

  • After you have established a sales plan with a customer and have established an in...

  • What three elements are included with Cisco Small Business Pro Service? (Choose th...

  • When you need to secure traffic across network, which three elements would you rev...

  • Which three operating modes can you configure on a switch that is running VTP?(Cho...

  • What is used to dynamically create a pair or multiple pairs of sources addresses?

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