642-432 CVOICE - Cisco Voice Over IP Exam (Exam 1)

642-432 CVOICE - Cisco Voice Over IP Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which type of signaling is DTMF?

  • You have set up a complex dial plan using translation rules. The following transla...

  • What is the optimal end-to-end delay that should be achieved in a VoIP network?

  • What is the E.164 numbering plan?

  • On the MOS scale, what does a 5 represent?

  • Which of the following best describes the main difference between G.729 and G.729a?

  • What type of signalling is used for a circuit transmitted within the same channel ...

  • You are the Voice technician at Company .com. The Company network uses VoIP. Your...

  • You are the network engineer at Company .com. You have configured real-time call c...

  • How do a-law and mu-law reduce quantization error?

  • You have a pair of voice enabled routers that have the capability of supporting on...

  • You are the network technician at Company .com. Your newly appointed Company train...

  • What is the most important piece to implement if you are considering a VoIP infras...

  • Currently, unlike traditional phone service, IP telephone service is relatively un...

  • You are the network engineer at Company .com. Company has its headquarters in New ...

  • Calls between IP and PBX users can use all of the features provided by each system...

  • Which will provide your IP Phones with an IP Address?

  • What explains how the Cisco IP SoftPhone uses the Cisco CallManager?

  • Which organization approved the H.323 standard?

  • Which are three required steps in digitizing voice? (Choose three)

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