642-436 CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP Exam (Exam 1)

642-436 CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • When setting up a VoIP call, what is the first thing a gateway router tries to mat...

  • In North America, which E&M signaling type is used most often for geographical...

  • When using CUBE, which two statements describe how media flow-through differs from...

  • Which two are types of Call Admission Control? (Choose two.)

  • Site A uses three-digit internal numbers and remote Site B uses four-digit interna...

  • Which three are supervisory signals? (Choose three.)

  • Which command parameter specifies that the router should not attempt to initiate a...

  • What does a gatekeeper do when it matches a technology prefix?

  • At what point does the MGCP call agent release the setup of the call path to the r...

  • What is the best description of an MGCP endpoint?

  • Using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, what four steps are necessary ...

  • A telemarketing firm needs to use number translation for incoming and outgoing cal...

  • The SJ local zone contains a gatekeeper that controls two gateways, SJ1 and SJ2. B...

  • What is the most common E&M type used outside North America?

  • Which statement is true about MGCP?

  • Which dial-peer command can set the parameters that search through a series of dia...

  • What is the E.164 standard?

  • Which option is true concerning the MGCP call agent?

  • Which best defines an ACD?

  • Which two statements describe the purpose of the technology prefix? (Choose two.)

Dec. 12, 2016
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