642-436 CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP Exam (Exam 19)

642-436 CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP Exam (Exam 19)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What happens if there is no matching dial peer for an outbound call?

  • The H.323 message is displayed as follows:On the basis of this information, What i...

  • Which dial-peer configuration command attempts to match the calling number (that i...

  • T1 CAS uses ___________________ signaling.

  • What are three types of digital voice ports?

  • The output of message is shown below:Based on this information, which message ID c...

  • The _____________ command is used to configure a T1 controller for CAS.

  • ISDN uses ______ for Layer 2 signaling, which is defined in _______.

  • The two types of ISDN interfaces are ______ and ______.

  • When you use the show gatekeeper endpoints command on the gatekeeper, a Cisco UBE ...

  • Which two are QSIG supplemental services or additional network features?

  • Which two tasks are performed by the RAS signaling function of H.225.0? (Choose 2.)

  • What are the functions of an H.323 gateway?

  • The exhibit below shows partial VoIP network topology of the company :Based on the...

  • Use the __________________ command to designate a source IP address for a voice ga...

  • On the basis of the exhibit.When extension 201-555-1000 dials 404-555-1200, how ar...

  • Which call control model does MGCP use?

  • How do you configure a router to use MGCP on a digital port?

  • Which command displays a count of successful and unsuccessful control commands?

  • Identify four SIP servers. (Choose 4.)

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