642-501 SECUR - Securing Cisco IOS Networks (Exam 4)

642-501 SECUR - Securing Cisco IOS Networks (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Paul the security administrator is working to fight against DoS attacks. He has a ...

  • Which of the following represents the aggressive mode of CBAC in Cisco IOS firewall?

  • What role does CBAC play?

  • What could be the reason why an authentication attempt to a CSACS for Windows serv...

  • What OSI layers can CBAC filter on? Select all that apply.

  • By default how long will CBAC monitor an idle TCP session in the state table befor...

  • Which of the following cannot be configured on a router unless the IOS Firewall fe...

  • Which of the following access lists is CBAC unable to alter? Select all that apply.

  • By default, after how many half-open sessions need to be in the state table before...

  • Which of the following encryption protocols can the Cisco IOS Firewall support? Se...

  • Which of the following dynamically alters access lists?

  • What is the command to enable logging to all configured destinations (other than t...

  • How many IDS signatures can the Cisco IOS Firewall scan for?

  • Which of the following will happen during the aggressive mode of the CBAC on the C...

  • Kathy from the security department at Company Inc. wants to know what does a half-...

  • What command configures the amount of time CBAC will wait for a TCP session to bec...

  • How do you configure the CBAC global UDP idle session timeout?

  • How do you set the threshold of half-open sessions CBAC will allow per minute befo...

  • Which of the following commands will alter the CBAC DNS timeout timer to 10 seconds?

  • If CBAC is configured to inspect telnet traffic on an interface, how should outbou...

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