642-583 Security Solutions for Systems Engineers (Exam 2)

642-583 Security Solutions for Systems Engineers (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which protocol is used to allow the utilization of Cisco Wide Area Application Eng...

  • The Cisco IronPort S-Series is the first product that provides complete, high-perf...

  • Which two attack methods are typically used in reconnaissance attacks? (Choose two.)

  • Your prospect is unwilling to make major network changes to try the Cisco IronPort...

  • Which statement is true regarding the scanlets within Outbreak Intelligence?

  • Refer to the exhibit. Which three Cisco IOS features can be used on the VPN gatewa...

  • What customer data do you generally need to know when deciding which size applianc...

  • Which is used to authenticate remote IPsec VPN users?

  • Which VPN technology is not suitable to be deployed over the Internet?

  • What are two differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms? (...

  • What are the four typical design choices to consider when designing Cisco solution...

  • What is used at the access layer to provide logical separation between the voice a...

  • Which authentication protocol can provide single sign-on (SSO) services?

  • Which solution stops new web threats the earliest?

  • Which essential element is needed to perform events analysis and correlation?

  • Which three benefits does DMVPN offer? (Choose three.)

  • Digital signatures can be used to provide which three security controls? (Choose t...

  • Which additional security control can be used in multi-tier applications and multi...

  • What are the four main deployment options to consider when implementing Cisco NAC ...

  • Which feature is used to inspect encrypted web traffic for malware?

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