642-611 MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam (Exam 1)

642-611 MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which statement is true about the hardware requirements of MPLS?

  • If aggregation (summarization) were to be used on a network with ATM LSRs.What wou...

  • What is true of MPLS TE?

  • What is a major drawback of using traditional IP routing over an ATM network when ...

  • In order for MPLS to be implemented on ATM switches, what requirements must the AT...

  • When running basic MPLS in conjunction with VPNs, how many labels does each packet...

  • On ingress, a label is imposed to a packet. Which process is responsible for this ...

  • How could you check for potential MTU size issues on the path taken by a PE-to-PE ...

  • Which one of the following is true regarding MPLS independent control label alloca...

  • Which two statements are true about the label stack used for MPLS VPNs? (Choose two)

  • What is true about how MPLS implementations support different applications?

  • MPLS supports which three applications? (Choose three)

  • What are two methods to achieve differentiated QoS in MPLS? (Choose two)

  • How does a core LSR operating in the default frame mode advertise labels?

  • In frame-relay MPLS, where is the label imposed?

  • Network topology exhibitLiberal label retention and unsolicited downstream distrib...

  • What is true about the label in frame-mode MPLS?

  • Which two statements about TDP and LDP are true? (Choose two)

  • Which command should you use to display the contents of LFIB?

  • To whom does a PE-router advertise labels, when operating in the default frame mode?

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