642-611 MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam (Exam 19)

642-611 MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam (Exam 19)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Per VRF routing means that there could be several instances of RIP and BGP alongsi...

  • Which is the default state for the "config-router-af)#neighbor send-commu...

  • Be aware when configuring a route target that there are implementation issues with...

  • What size is the route target attribute?

  • What size is a route distinguisher (RD)?

  • Which command would you use to enable frame mode MPLS on an interface?

  • Which command would you use to enable Cisco Express Forwarding on all VIP interfaces?

  • Which methods can be used in cell mode MPLS to prevent loops?

  • What is an effect of disabling TTL propagation into the MPLS domain?

  • Cell interleave is an issue with ATM MPLS networks. Which of the following could r...

  • LDP neighbors are discovered but no LDP session is established. What could be the ...

  • Which of the following statements will configure a VRF static route to a global ne...

  • It is possible to add extra RT's to selected outgoing routes to signify a specific...

  • If an MPLS router receives a packet with a stack of bales which label will it act ...

  • MPLS VPN's use a label stack to forward packets to the correct remote VPN. Which r...

  • Which is NOT a BGP community attribute which is used in MPLS applications?

  • What type of route target function selects routes to be inserted into the VRF rout...

  • Which are types of traditional peer to peer VPN implementations?

  • Which command would you use to display TDP hello timers?

  • What is NOT true about an explicit LSP tunnel?

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