642-642 QOS - Quality of Service Exam (Exam 2)

642-642 QOS - Quality of Service Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three QoS markers can be set using class-based marking? (Choose three.)

  • Based on Cisco's best practice recommendation, where should classification and mar...

  • What are the three primary challenges when dealing with a converged network that Q...

  • What is the default match strategy for a class map?

  • Which one of the following configurations provides a maximum bandwidth guarantee o...

  • What are three capabilities of the route map used in policy-based routing? (Choose...

  • What are two services provided through Committed Access Rate (CAR)? (Choose two)

  • When configuring Priority Queuing on Cisco IOS routers, which three steps are requ...

  • Which two statements are true about the DSCP field in an IP header? (Choose two)

  • Which of the following statements regarding the queuing scheme of IP Real Time Tra...

  • Which configuration command applies QoS features to a particular traffic class?

  • What is the TCP measurement of the delay for a packet to get the receive and then ...

  • Name two sensitivities that Voice traffic has that data traffic is not necessarily...

  • What are two common problems for video in the absence of QoS? (Choose two)

  • Which of the following statements about NBAR is true?

  • In most VPN tunneling, what is the classic QoS problem?

  • How does NBAR differ from traditional TCP/UDP packet recognition?

  • Which RED packet drop mode is used when the average queue size has reached or exce...

  • The QoS design and implementation process comprises of the following steps:charact...

  • Within a distributed call processing environment, what can you use to achieve call...

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