642-647 Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN v1.0) (Exam 6)

642-647 Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN v1.0) (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the recommended limit of outdoor MAPs to one RAP?

  • What are the three conditions that must be met to consider a link between a parent...

  • Refer to the exhibit.Which direction and resulting RAP is selected by the bottom MAP?

  • How often is the Cisco WCS v7.0 map updated regarding mesh information?

  • Cisco WGB association is supported on which AP radio or radios?

  • Which view does Cisco WCS v7.0 have of a connected Cisco WGB?

  • Which two are supported operating systems for installation of Cisco WCS v7.0? (Cho...

  • What is the maximum capacity of Cisco WCS Navigator when implemented with a Cisco ...

  • When implementing Cisco WCS v7.0 virtual domains, which three items are restricted...

  • Which two options describe the ability to schedule AP power status? (Choose two.)

  • Which two statements best describe the ability of Cisco Unified Wireless Network v...

  • Cisco WCS v7.0 has many predefined reports that are grouped by categories. Which r...

  • Cisco WCS v7.0 contains many preconfigured background tasks; however, not all are ...

  • Which two statements best describe the implementation of Cisco WCS v7.0 controller...

  • What are the three default protocols that are used by Cisco WCS v7.0 when communic...

  • Which two options indicate the protocols that are required for Cisco WCS v7.0 auto...

  • Which report category group in Cisco WCS v7.0 contains the commonly used Configura...

  • Which option describes Cisco support of Distributed Antenna Systems?

  • How is the Cisco Compatible Extensions S36 message used in Cisco WLC v7.0?

  • Which three statements correctly describe location-tracking abilities when deployi...

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