642-736 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS) (Exam 4)

642-736 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS) (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two traits make a rogue the most dangerous in terms of security vulnerabilit...

  • An RF jamming attack can be mitigated with which tactic?

  • Why is the guest LAN configured on the foreign controller?

  • Which two attacks are examples of Layer 2 denial of service attacks? (Choose two.)

  • Which authentication protocol does H-REAP AP local authentication support?

  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller web authentication can use which three databases? (C...

  • ACLs configured on the controller can be applied to which three options? (Choose t...

  • Which IETF RADIUS attributes can be used for dynamic VLAN assignment?

  • For wireless NAC OOB implementation, the Cisco WLC is added on the Cisco NAC Appli...

  • What does the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller allow AAA override configuration apply...

  • Which default port(s) are used for communications between the controller and the C...

  • Which method is available for authentication of Cisco lightweight access points be...

  • What is the function of the "Passthrough" configuration under WLANs > Edit >...

  • When will you need to enable AP local authentication and add local users on the AP?

  • Which two actions can controller lobby ambassadors perform? (Choose two.)

  • Which two roles does the Cisco MSE serve in an Adaptive wIPS deployment? (Choose t...

  • Which function does a rogue detector access point perform?

  • Which APs support H-REAP?

  • Which EAP types does Cisco Secure ACS support?

  • Which command tests the mobility ping over UDP?

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