642-742 CCNP Wireless - IUWVN (Exam 5)

642-742 CCNP Wireless - IUWVN (Exam 5)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You have two packets with decimal ToS values of 32 and 34. What are their results,...

  • What is the difference between the QoS values on the wired and wireless sides of a...

  • A wired packet that is marked for QoS priority CS4 arrives on VLAN-4 at the Cisco ...

  • Which mechanism detects if VoWLAN clients are experiencing poor signal-to-noise ra...

  • A single Layer 2 multicast address can map to how many IPv4 multicast addresses?

  • Which two attributes can be enabled for checking by the Voice Audit Tool in Cisco ...

  • IGMP snooping has been enabled on a Cisco WLC v7.0, along with any other configura...

  • Which two statements describe a dual-mode phone, such as the Apple iPhone 4S with ...

  • When Vocera badges communicate from badge to badge, which voice codec is used?

  • Which two statements best describe streaming video? (Choose two.)

  • Which of these statements best describes the Cisco Compatible Extensions "AP Speci...

  • Which statement is NOT a key QoS recommended requirement for voice bearer traffic?

  • Which two statements correctly describe a Cisco WLC configuration of Wireless >...

  • What will improve the battery life of a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G?

  • What frame type is used to signal TSPEC reservation from a client?

  • Which two messages can carry the TSPEC from client to the AP? (Choose two.)

  • What two benefits result from Cisco WLC configuration of DCA for 5-GHz VoWLAN depl...

  • Which two range descriptions correctly describe IP addressing to use when enabling...

  • If the VoWLAN client is a Vocera badge, which Cisco WLC parameter needs to be chan...

  • What are two design considerations for a WLAN to support voice? (Choose two.)

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