642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 23)

642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 23)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which configuration option will cause the link between two Cisco 3600 Series Multi...

  • Which command alone will disable trunking on a Layer 2 switch port?

  • Which statement is true regarding the Port Aggregation Protocol?

  • Which of the following conditions guarantees that a broadcast storm cannot occur?

  • You are the administrator of a switch and currently all host-connected ports areco...

  • A port in a redundant topology is currently in the blocking state and is not recei...

  • Which command can be issued without interfering with the operation of loop guard?

  • What is a characteristic of multi-VLAN access ports?

  • Which process plays a major role in the creation of the CEF adjacency table?

  • The network operations center has received a call stating that users in VLAN 107 a...

  • Which two table types are CEF components?(Choose two.)

  • Which statement is correct about 802.1Q trunking?

  • Which set of statements about Spanning Tree Protocol default timers is true?

  • Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is verifying that a CEF FIB entry exists to...

  • Which two statements are true about a switched virtual interface (SVI)? (Choose two.)

  • HSRP HOTSPOT SimDuring routine maintenance, it became necessary to shutdown G1/0/1...

  • HSRP HOTSPOT SimDuring routine maintenance, G1/0/1 on DSW1 was shutdown. All other...

  • HSRP HOTSPOT SimDSW2 has not become the active device for Vlan103s HSRP group even...

  • If G1/0/1 on DSW1 is shutdown, what will be the current priority value of the Vlan...

  • What is the priority value of the VLAN 105 HSRP group on DSW2?

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